Hunza + Khunjerab National Park

Glowing in the colors of spring, surrounded by majestic snow clad peaks of Rakaposhi, Diran, Ultar, Golden Peak, Hunza Valley is a true paradise. Explore the historical splendors of Altit & Baltit forts, the beautiful bustling narrow lanes of Karimabad, the ancient watch towers in the heart of Ganish Village and the breathtaking views from Eagles Nest.
As you continue heading further North to the last frontiers, we cross the pristine blue waters of Attabad lake towards Gulmit. We visit the Sacred Rocks at Haldekush, inscribed from as early as the 1st century. Witness the majestic Passu Cathedral (6,106 m) one of them most picturesque sights of the region on our way to Sost. Sost is the last town in Gojal inside Pakistan on the Karakoram Highway before the Chinese border. A visit to the Highest International Border in the world “Khunjerab Pass” located in the Khunjerab National Park ought to change your perspective.

Skardu, Shiger & Khaplu

Rightly known as the ‘roof of the world’, Skardu is nestled, against the great peaks of the Karakorum. As we drive up above the River Indus on the snaking Karakorum Highway, flanked by the fabulous scenery and the great mountainous ranges all around. A comprehensive exploration of Skardu and it’s surrounding areas is inclusive of, but not limited to; the ancient Kharpocho Fort, Shigar Fort a great expression of architecture & culture at the heart of the Shirgar Valley – known for its luscious produce of fruits, the natural beauty of Shangrilla Resort, Skardu Desert, Katpana Lake, Satpara Lake – one of the largest fresh water lakes in Pakistan, Katchura Lake, The hidden dwelling of Nagasoq (organic) village and The K2 Museum next to the banks of the River Indus. We journey deeper into the valleys to reach Khaplu, the raja’s retreat, and a land straight out of a fairy tale. Unwind in Skardu with ATP!


Chitral is the heart of Hindukush land in the northern frontiers of Pakistan. Decorated with its historical forts, botanical splendours and the sparkling Tirich Mir peak towering over the valley, Chitral has intrigued travellers for years. Once the most important point for invaders of the ancient eras, today Chitral hosts the finest sights for backpackers and tourists from across the globe. The Chitral-Gol National Park is another ecological wonder in the valley. It is the home of the Markhor, a rare wild goat species. Chitral is also the gateway to the ancient dardic Kalasha tribes residing in the neighbouring Kalash Valley.


Explore the centuries old ways of the ancient dardic tribe of Kalash. Travel to the home of the Kalasha folk during their celebrations at harvest season, colourful festivals and unique cultural explorations. Travel to this indigenous lost tribe of the ancient world. Become a storyteller, as you learn to celebrate life in the Hindukush mountains.


Kumrat Valley is a backpackers perfect escape. The valley is exciting for nature lovers and campers packed with breathtaking excursions through tall Deodar forests, grazing pastures and meadows, the powerful Panjkora river amidst snow clad peaks, and sometimes foggy mounds. Kumrat is an important eco-tourism destination and nature sanctuary. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Fairy Meadows & Nanga Parbat

Fairy Meadows is part of the legend that Fairies have their heaven on this lush green plateau at 3300 m, offering a breath taking view of Majestic Nanga Parbat (The Killer Mountain). Many people have called it the “Heaven on Earth”. These lush, green meadows and forests lie at the base of Nanga Parbat at the western edge of the Himalayan range in Pakistan. Fairy Meadows is a very peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy the mountain atmosphere and hospitality of the local people. The name. Nanga Parbat at 8,125 meters is the 2nd highest Peak in Pakistan and the 9th highest in the world. It also forms the western end of Himalayan range, meeting the Karakorams by the Indus. The Raikot face of Nanga Parbat offers excellent area for a first trek in this mighty play-ground of mountaineers. The trek offers plenty of flexibility, as we stay at Fairy Meadows – taking excursions to Nanga Parbat’s base camp, Juliper Pass and also some interesting walks around Fairy Meadows with commanding views. Those who prefer a quite relaxing day could stay at camp and get mesmerized by the views.

Fairy Meadows

Naran, Kaghan

The valleys are an adventure getaway above Balakot & Babusar Top (the summer gateway to Gilgit-Baltistan). The valleys of Naran & Kaghan are a lush green mountains cape lined with streams inhabited by freshwater trout and majestic lakes. The Kunhar river passes through the valleys, and often attracts adventure sport enthusiasts for Rafting in the rapids at different points of Naran. The Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park bordering the valley is a wonderland for trekkers, campers and adventure lovers.


Sharan Forest is another eco-tourism site near Balakot. Choose to take the ruggedly adventurous jeep trek from Paras onwards to reach this wondrous location surrounded by tall forest reserves and an eco camping site for adventurers.

Swat and Mallam Jabba

Swat is a historically significant as well as an all-year accessible destination in the lower Hindukush ranges. Explore all the way up to the Pearl of the Hindukush in the winters at Mallam jabba, which is great for adventure activities and skiing expeditions.

Kalam + Oshu Forest

The magnificent Kalam is a valley lined with beautiful lakes, exciting treks and the Ushu forest standing tall. In the summers, one can access the jeep treks to Mahodand Lake and Matiltan waterfall through the Ushu forest. Kalam is the perfect family getaway if one wants to disconnect from city life and explore the realms of nature with loved ones.

Murree & Nathia Gali

About 30km north east of Islamabad, the Murree and Galyat ranges are a popular destination for visitors. In the winters, the region receives a significant amount of snowfall, making it a busy hill station with regards to tourist influx. At galyat ranges, there are many exciting excursions to different peaks and view points such as Mukshpuri, Miranjani and the famous pipeline track through Ayubia National Park.

Agror Valley

Agror Valley consists of three mountain glens poulated with hamlets and villages. It is in the Oghi region of Mansehra and allows tourists to experience the mountainscape of these unique Himalayan glens with excursions to Dandasar meadows, Darband lake and Torr Ghar on jeeps, all amidst a unique accommodation experience reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Neelum Valley, Kashmir

For centuries, the enchantment of Neelam Valley leaves tourist and visitors in awe of the beautiful core of Kashmir. This 200km long valley includes highlands such as Kel, Arang Kel and tourist-hub Sharda. For travellers interested in picturesque treks, chair lift rides, river crossings and waterfalls, consider taking the ATP Neelum Valley Kashmir Experience.

Banjosa Lake & Toli Peer

Another Himalayan haven protected by a dense pine forest, the Banjosa Lake is a perfect getaway to disconnect on holidays. Explore the picturesque trails leading to Toli Peer in the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. Watch the Poonch River flow from the hilltop at 8800ft above sea level.

Kallar Kahar, Salt Ranges

South of the Potohar Plateau, the picturesque Salt Ranges are lined with a number of lakes, lagoons as well as historical temples such as the Katas Raj. It is home of one of the biggest Himalayan pink salt mines in the world. Due to the bio-diversity, Kallar Kahar is an important sanctuary for migratory birds heading south. The region is also a perfect paragliding and free flying destination right at the gateway to the land of five rivers.

Soon Sakaiser

The Soon Valley is known to host migratory birds in the winters around its lush green hills presenting a breathtaking vista. The highest peak of the region is Mount Sakesar. The beautiful lakes Uchali and Khabeki are perfect for birdwatching. Experience a night or two at an ATP Campsite in the heart of Soon Valley on a winter night.

Khanpur Lake & Taxila

Uncover the Buddhist heritage trail explore Taxila’s centuries old archaeological wonders. Come one step closer to the Gandhara civilisation. Continue exploring the region and then reach the ATP campsite at the lakeside. Adventure activities at Khanpur Lake include Flyboarding, Parasailing, night caving, camping under the clear blue sky with endless activities to keep your adventurous side satisfied.

Ranikot Sindh

Ranikot Fort is inside Kirthar National Park (the second largest in the country). Believed to be the largest Fort in the world with a circumference of 32km, it is also referred to as the Deewar-e-Sindh. The Fort remains are an ideal place for stargazing as day turns to night. Visitors can also trek to the pond of fairies (Pariyon Jo Tarr) when exploring this mysterious adventure destination.

Lahore City Tour

Explore the vibrant sights, sounds and cuisines of downtown Lahore. Begin your Royal Trail walking tour from Delhi Gate, explore the important heritage sights of the centuries old city Walled City, guided excursions to Museums and architectural masterpieces like Lahore Fort and the heritage of Pakistan. In a city like Lahore, the possibilities are endless!

Karachi City Tour

Start your day travelling along the earliest city trails of Karachi lined with colonial era architecture at sites like Denso Hall, Empress Market and Saddar. Explore the splendours of Mohatta Palace. The street food in Karachi is globally renowned. The city of lights. And also the city of beaches. Watch the sunset into the Arabian Sea on your exploration of the 5th largest city of the world.

Peshawar City Tour

Explore the city of storytellers. Once the center of the Gandhara civilisation, now a bustling metropolitan oozing with culture, hospitality, life and a heritage worth exploring. Explore the ancient city trails of downtown Peshawar, Bala Hisar Fort, nite into mouthwatering shinwari cuisine and cleanse your pallete with a Qehva/Tea from a century old Qehva Khana.

Quetta City Tour

At an elevation of 1600+ metres above sea level, Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan province. Urdu, Balochi, Pashto, English and Persian are commonly spoken languages here. It’s ancient bazaars, remarkably diverse people and distinct culture finds a way to transform travellers into storytellers.

Bahawalpur City Tour

The city of mansions and royal dynasties, Bahawalpur (once a princely state) today is home to some of the most remarkable royal palaces and a unique living culture thriving at the centre of the old city or downtown. It is closely located to the Lal Suhanra National Park, the fertile wetlands of lower Punjab.

Cholistan Desert

Cholistan Desert is commonly called Rohi by natives. At the heart of the desert stands the mighty Derawar Fort, and adjoining architectural legacy of the royal families such as the Abbasi Mosque with its grand earthen facade. A dream camping location, a camelback safari haven and a perfect winter destination. Let the madaari be your guide through Rohi at the 9th largest desert of the world.

South Punjab Spiritual Trail

A legacy dating back to the Ottoman Caliphate, embark on the spiritual trail of Punjab. Visit the welcoming shrines of Punjab, and discover the Sufi heritage of Pakistan. A tour through the trails of a dervish.

Buddhist Heritage Trail

Unravel chronicles dating back to the Gandhara Civilisation. Visit archaeological sites, Museums and Buddhist stupas across Peshawar, Taxila Archaeological Complex, Mardan and in the farthest of Pakistan’s Northern highlands. A journey through the most breathtaking destinations that Buddhism has touched through the centuries, in modern day Pakistan.

Ancient Silk Route

Follow the ancient trails through Marco Polo land. Discover the northern highlands and trails to some of the highest passes in the world at Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush at Fabulous Pakistan. Make a memory at the worlds highest paved border crossing on the KKH at Khunjerab.

Gwadar & Makran Coast

Discover the coast of the pristine blue Arabian Sea along the Makran Coastal Highway. Indulge in an Arabian Sea Boat Safari, visit the Deep sea port and enjoy the last sunset at Jiwani.

Deosai National Park

Home of the Himalayan Brown Bear, the deosai plains are a wildlife reserve and nature sanctuary boldly labelled as the land of giants. A stargazers dream destination, and a wildlife haven like no other, Deosai Plains is easily accessible in the peak summer cycle for visitors looking for a camping retreat in these heavenly highlands.

Hingol National Park

Gol National Park

Gupis, Phander, Ghizer

Rama Meadows & Astore


Hushe Valley

Lal Suhanra National Park

K-2 Base Camp

Naltar Valley


Mohenjo Daro



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