ATP Tour of Harrapa Remains Sahiwal

Discover “Harappa” a large city of the Indus Civilization, and one of the best known sites in Pakistan, located on the bank of the Ravi River in Punjab Province.
This early urban archaeological site was occupied between about 3300 and 1500 BC. Harappa includes an area of about 250 acres, and may be about twice that, given that much of the site has been covered by the flooding of the Ravi. Intact structural remains include those of a citadel, a granary, and two cemeteries. The mud adobe bricks of significant architectural remains were robbed in antiquity.


Trip to Khanpur Lake

We Invite you to come and join the Adventure Travel Pakistan trip to Khanpur Lake. It’s a chance for like minded individuals to meet and experience the thrill of adventure with exciting and challenging outdoor activities. A customized adventure package suitable for everyone of average fitness.

Cholistan Desert Safari & Tour of Lal Sohanra Wild life Reserve

We Invite you to come and join the Adventure Travel Pakistan trip to Khanpur Lake. It’s a chance for like minded individuals to meet and experience the thrill of adventure with exciting and challenging outdoor activities. A customized adventure package suitable for everyone of average fitness.

Luxury Camping Trip of Soon & Sakaisar valley

Join us for an experience to remember into the beautiful valley of Soan & Sakaisar. The valley is a visual treat as the terrain is different from the other parts of Pakistan. Who says canyons and gorges are not part of our country’s terrain; as you come across the grand canyons and gorges of Pakistan. Explore the vast lush green meadows of Kanhati Gardens along with waterfalls, forests and different bird species. Enjoy the serene waters of Uchali & Khabeki Lake in the vicinity as we camp for two nights in the Kanhati Gardens.


ATP Tour of Karimabad - Hunza Valley - Attabad Lake - Khunjerab Pass - Pak China Border & Misger Valley

Take a road trip with us to the Roof of the world and discover the last frontiers of Pakistan! As we ride the majestic Karakorum, explore the enchanting Hunza Valley visit the edge of Pakistan – Khunjrab Pass, Pak China Border (4,693 m). The beauty of this mountainous journey is matchless…Driving along the banks of the river Indus onto the legendary Silk route we are simply awed by the grandeur of the landscape. Onroute we witness at Jaglot, the coming together of 3 of the highest mountain ranges of the world…the mighty Himalayas, Karakoram & the Hindukush.

Tour of Kalash Festival Chilum Josh - Bumberat Chitral Hindukush

Discover the home of one of the most unique lost tribes of the world . Its majestic mountains, green valleys, glacier and snow capped peaks are Pakistan’s major attractions. Every year the infamous Kalash tribe celebrates three festivals, out of which the most celebratory festival is Chilum Josh, the three-day joy filled event held in the beginning of spring, where the people of Kalash dance to the beat of the drums in such harmony and unity, binding their love for each other. The Kalash tribe celebrates the arrival of spring by drinking locally brewed mulberry, apricot and grape drinks in copious amounts.

Tour of Skardu Shangrilla Shigar Fort - Satpara Lake - Karakoram & Himalaya Mountains

As we drive up above the River Indus on the snaking Karakorum Highway, flanked by the fabulous scenery and the great mountainous ranges. Rightly known as the ‘roof of the world’, Skardu is nestled, against the great peaks of the Karakorum. This mind-blowing one week vacation brings to you a comprehensive exploration of Skardu and it’s surrounding areas, inclusive of, but not limited to; the ancient Kharpocho Fort, Shigar Fort a great expression of architecture & culture at the heart of the Shirgar Valley – known for its luscious produce of fruits, the natural beauty of Shangrilla Resort, Skardu Desert, Katpana Lake, Satpara Lake – one of the largest fresh water lakes in Pakistan, Katchura Lake, The hidden dwelling of Nagasoq (organic) village and The K2 Museum next to the banks of the River Indus. 


Experience the Gold Trail of Deosai Plains with ATP Himalayan Bear Safari

A chance for adventurous like minded people to come, meet and experience one of Pakistan’s most natural treasures. Deosai Platue the Land of Giants is an immaculate reserve of wildlife and scenic beauty that exists nowhere else in this world. At a spectacular height of 4200 meters lies a paradise which is home to the once extinct Himalayan brown bear, snow leopard, gray wolf and more than a 100 different wildlife species. Trekking along white water rivers and across mountain trails lets explore Satpara, Katpana and Katchura lake as we head on to the Deosai national park, the most preserved wild life sanctuary of our country. Travelers since ancient times have visited this heaven on earth fabled to be rich in gold. Experience extreme adventure with ATP river crossing & reppling in Deosai plains and savour the mystical scenery in wildlife excursions. Indulge in luxury camping at one of the highest lakes in the world for two nights and enjoy the serene view of “Sheosar lake” surrounded by tall mountains and overlooking endless meadows filled with blossoming flowers and exotic butterflies.


Shandur Polo Festival Experience 7 Days Luxury Tour

Unravel the mysteries of the pre-historic tribes and ancient villages of Kalash & Ayun valley’s. Lush green meadows, hanging orchards, and breathtaking views await you on your journey through ragged snowcapped mountain peaks of the Hindukush Mountains. Experience the thrill of watching Polo at the world’s highest Polo ground amidst towering peaks at Shandur where a centuries old rivalry is renewed every year. The serene crystal clear waters of Shandur lake and the scenic reflection of the tall peaks within is an unreal utopian experience .All along the banks of the Chitral river discover wild life of another kind. A trip that will fascinate your mind and thrill your senses. The ultimate experience of luxury in wilderness. Explore what lies in the heart of Kalash country and experience the ATP Shandur Polo Festival Trip. Keep discovering!

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