Beginner Trekkers

Trek to the Killer Mountain (Nanga Parbat) - Fairy Meadows Base Camp Expedition

We invite you to join our first trek of the season for Fairy Meadows, it is part of the legend that Fairies have their heaven on this lush green plateau at 3300 m, offering a breath taking view of Majestic Nanga Parbat (The Killer Mountain). Many people have called it the “Heaven on Earth”. These lush, green meadows and forests lie at the base of Nanga Parbat at the western edge of the Himalayan range in Pakistan. Fairy Meadows is a very peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy the mountain atmosphere and hospitality of the local people.

Regular Trekkers

Trek to the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods

The world’s greatest museum of “shape and form” is how Italian mountaineer/author Fosco Ma-raini described Concordia in his book, “Karakoram”. In Concordia, six peaks over 7,925 meters rise to touch the heavens, including K2 (8,611 m) the 2nd highest mountain on this beautiful Planet Earth.